The Heavener Family Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization which accomplishes its mission by conducting educational and scientific research intended to improve educational models and methodologies for students, with a primary focus in Florida.   


The Heavener Family Foundation research is conducted for the purpose of obtaining information that can improve educational means and methods. Research is performed by independent researchers that are experts in the field of research being conducted.  The findings of our research is made available to the general public through various forms ranging from publication of research reports and statistical information to sharing of research results with educational institutions and other organizations which might benefit from the research conducted.


The Foundation develops relationships with educational institutions and organizations to identify specific research needs to ensure the research conducted can achieve maximum effectiveness and implementation of results.  Examples of research that may be conducted by the Foundation include studies on the impacts of nutrition on learning, the development of effective mentoring programs, effective teacher professional development methodologies and other similar topics. In addition, the Foundation may work with educational institutions to develop and test new programs that implement the results of our conducted research.  The goal of these activities is to educate the general public on the research findings to benefit the greater community and the field of education as a whole.